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Safety & Guarantees

Performing a wedding photography report is a great responsibility since is an unrepeatable event. In order to face possible eventualities that are beyond our control, we take different security measures:


  • Safety in the realization: We always carry all duplicate equipment, 2 identical cameras, and different objectives that allow us to have a spare part in case of a mechanical failure.


  • Security in storage: Complying with all legal regulations regarding data protection refers to our method as follows. All reports are stored on high-security hard disks in duplicate, and we also keep a copy on a high-security server on the network. This causes us to be covered in case of an accident, technical failure, theft, fire, or other disasters that may arise.


  • File Guarantee: After the report is made and delivered, we always keep a copy of all the material on our high-security server on the network for 2 years and at no cost.

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